Monday, January 11, 2010

Oil Painting Techniques - Must I Be Able To Draw.

Although some drawing skills will help when starting out with oil painting, it is not a requirement that you be a professional drawing artist.

Oil painting does not necessarily require that you learn how to draw, although some sort of basic drawing skills will certainly make it a lot easier. This means that you can a little self study in drawing and teach yourself the basics, there are plenty of resources available, and you can develop these as you go along with developing your oil painting techniques and skills.

Even basic drawing skills will suffice with your oil painting efforts, as many oil paintings are not about the fine details, but rather the overall impression of the subject matter.

The starting process in the oil painting techniques is a basically centered around the use of a sketch of the subject, and then the application of paint for the shading areas, specifically the darker and lighter areas. Therewith follows the refining of the subject of the oil painting, this illustrates the use of layering in the oil painting techniques and application.

This layering starts with a thinner layer and builds up, with some of the lower layers in the oil painting being allowed to be visible, all going to creating a rich illustration of art.

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